These six-word wrap-ups of the year are excerpted from a recent article in The New York Times on readers’ reasons for gratitude:

The crinkling eye above the mask.

A furtive hug with a friend.

Saved a lot of lipstick money.

Mom, 87, rocking pretty, pandemic ponytail.

Teenage son still likes to snuggle.

My parents live two blocks away.

This stinking year is nearly over.

Sunny mornings, a window facing east.

My bicycle, the trail, each morning.

Toscanini’s recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Throwing the football with my sons.

Still ridin’ my horse at seventy.

So grateful to live in Canada.

I am thankful to be thankful.

Never been social; now I’m good.

I am bored, but not dead.

Ambulance took him. He came home.

Hearing granny laugh on the phone.

It’s just a cold, not Covid.

My parents did not get it.

I held my dying husband’s hand.

Our kids, after my wife died.

My wife gave me her kidney.

Lung cancer team at Sloan Kettering.

Wasn’t too late to say sorry.

Wildfires took much but we survived.

Faith, family, friends, dedicated medical professionals.

Dr. Fauci and all truth-speakers.

Volunteers who take experimental vaccines.