One way to understand self-care is that we matter.

How we think, feel, live and act matters. It matters for our survival.

A beautifully selfish act, self-care is the humane, steady and important attention we need and deserve.

We are often not good at either realizing this or doing something about it.

Consider the following acts of self-care:

Basic trust, saving money, a new perspective, working your body, telling the truth, sleep, finding beauty, laughing, taking medicine, forgiving, your real sneeze, going home, eating fresh food, positive thoughts, letting yourself dream, cleaning, risking, playing music, standing for something, getting help, travel, crying, staying quiet, feeling the sun’s warmth, physical comfort, doing what you say, curling up, being rigorous, listening, letting go, knowing love, saying┬áNO, saying YES…

What are your unique acts of care?

Whatever your life circumstances, everyday self-care choices are available.