Is NYC feeling down?

Are you noticing a shift in how you experience the city? How do you understand this? How does it make you feel? Is your reality different?


The Disruptors

ADHD comes to life on the screen with the best name ever! If you recognize symptoms in yourself, seek out a therapist who specializes in ADHD. You, family, friends and co-workers areRead More…


The year in six-words

Six-word wrap-ups and reasons for gratitude: The crinkling eye above a mask This stinking year is nearly over Toscanini’s recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Never been social; now I’m good Hearing grannyRead More…



As human beings, we are built to survive. Resilience is our natural capacity to cope with adversity. These simple acts grow everyday resilience: Feel positive emotions. Engage deeply in an activity. UseRead More…


Local and short-term

One healthy way to approach life right now is from a local and short-term perspective. Local: Yourself, partner, family, friends, home, job Short-term: Right now and the foreseeable future In this way,Read More…