I co-authored this article in The Huffington Post with Meredith Haberfeld, CEO of ThinkHuman.

It’s about how we complain.

There are costs to complaining. There IS something to downloading our experience and there IS something juicy about sharing your human experience with another human who can appreciate it. It can even feel like it brings you closer to someone. Yet complaining is ultimately a cheap take-out meal, on a late work night, when you should have been in bed an hour ago but it’s what you crave and it tastes SO good. Soon, you don’t feel well, at all. Though we often don’t notice, complaining doesn’t nourish us in any sustainable way. We may have a feeling of deep justification or power as we tell our stories, but it’s a false and fleeting power and it undermines our real experience of feeling alive.

Every day mental health choices matter.

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